A downloadable game for Windows

You are running a burger truck in the middle of (non-covid) summer!

Combine people's favourite toppings to their preferences and get rich!

Or are you not up for the job?

Created for ScoreSpace jam #12 with the theme "Combining"


Left/Right arrow - Change  screen

Click - Interact

How to play:

Prepare food to the customer's preferences.

Customers will come up to your window and tell you their order.

You must add everything they say to a bag (sauces go directly into the bag)

Lettuce onions and tomatoes must be cut before getting put in the bag (who would want a whole tomato just ON their burger?? but i guess these people want sauce squirted into the food bag so idk)

Burger patties (the pink thing) must be cooked before being put in the bag (WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT)

To give someone their order, you must click on them and then drag the bag on top of them.

The longer you take to serve a customer, the angrier they will get.

If you take too long, the customer will get VERY ANGRY and will blow up your shop (very normal reaction) 


burger truck.zip 4 MB

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