A downloadable game for Windows

Box is a 2D physics puzzle/action game where the position of the window changes the angle of gravity.

If you move the window to the right, everything falls to the right.

If you move the window to the left, everything falls to the left.

You are an employee at Fenestram Co. and you must test the new Window™ product.

Guide your friend Box (and several other companions) through various tests and see the results.

Note: I'm pretty sure this game doesn't work on wine. If you are on linux/mac, you should use a windows vm

Note 2: v1.0.5-s is recommended, as it fixes a couple issues and oversights with v1.0.5, but it was made post jam. If you want the original experience, download v1.0.5.

Made for the 4MB jam.

Release date Jun 23, 2021
Made withAseprite, Clickteam Fusion
Tags4mb, Physics, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Box (Jam Version) (1.0.5) 2 MB
Box (Jam Version) (1.0.5-s) 2 MB


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The collision sounds are a bit annoying at times, and i experienced a crash in the level with spikes but the game has auto save so i didn't really lose any progress, and the README file is also quite a nice touch, it's not just a file that exists for no reason, you really have to interact with it which makes it even better.

Overall enjoyed the game, it's a bit short, but i enjoyed every bit of it.

Now if you'll excuse me, i'll go and try to get a higher score this time! (My first score is 82 btw)